'Forest School is the bridge to a land of freedom'(Year Six girl)

'I really enjoy forest school, it is great fun, and it teaches you life skills like using a knife and making a den and you just get to play and learn at the same time as getting muddy and having fun.' (Year Four girl)

'Forest School has been such an amazing opportunity for my son and something that he has loved taking part in. Mr Earle manages to empower the children with vast and varying woodland activities that encourage confidence, teamwork and creativity. The outdoor exercises often allow the children to evaluate their skills and appreciate those of others, leading to a very supportive environment which continues outside of the sessions. The children relish the opportunity to be shown and use woodland tools, being proud and appreciating the responsibility they have earned. Most of all the children have great fun!'

(Parent helper)


Stocks Wood Outdoor Centre's Forest School sessions take children on an exciting journey of woodland discovery. Activities are adapted to meet the requirements of each group. Julian and Claire have had experience working with primary and secondary aged children with a range of behaviour, emotional, learning and physical challenges.

The sessions make a positive impact on children's confidence, social skills, communication, motivation and concentration, physical skills and knowledge and understanding. Furthermore, they are likely to provide new perspectives for accompanying teachers who see the children learn in a different setting as well as creating a ripple effect when the children share their experiences back at school and home.

The sessions naturally support many aspects of the National Curriculum and EYFS. Links can be made even more explicit by sharing expected outcomes with Julian and Claire prior to delivering the sessions. Courses normally last for a minimum of 6 sessions, allowing children and staff to see the benefits of this creative approach to learning.

What do the children do?
Stocks Wood Outdoor Centre has a huge catalogue of activities available, which are adapted to the needs of the children as well as a site which encourages creativity. Topics taught back in the classroom can also be interwoven such as Myths, Legends and Fables, Dinosaurs, Seasons & Weather or Science topics like 'Properties of materials'.

Activities may include:

  • Interactive games focussed on curriculum objectives

  • Individual, paired and group tasks

  • Sensory games using blindfolds

  • Learning to tie knots that can be used to make construction ideas come alive

  • Making dens

  • Safely using a range of tools such as peelers and knives to whittle wood, billhooks to cleave wood and bow saws

  • Making fire without using matches and cooking food like toasted marshmallows, garlic bread or dropped scones

  • Investigating local flora and fauna

  • Letting imagination run wild to support exciting play opportunities

  • Making crafts from natural resources

Stocks Wood Outdoor Centre provide:

  • Julian (QTS BEd Hons) and Claire Earle (BEd. Studies Hons), Level 3 Forest School Practitioners , Outdoor First Aid qualified, DBS clearance

  • Public liability insurance

  • Risk assessments

  • Equipment

  • Level 2 Food Safety & Hygiene

  • Planning meetings with Head and/o Class Teacher

  • Induction for staff, volunteers and children

  • Stocks Wood Forest School Handbook

Requirements of the school:

  • Minimum of one member of staff per 15 children (this may vary depending on size/type of group)

  • Group of up to 30 children

  • Children to attend ready for the outdoors. Long sleeves and trousers are expected to be worn in all weathers to avoid the risk of being stung by nettles or insectsor scratched by brambles. In cold winter months several layers are required (we recommend at least five layers if the temperature is 5 degrees or less).

  • Informing us of any allergies and dietry requirements (incl. milk allergies for an alternative to our hot chocolate, and vegetarians)

Discounts apply for block bookings of multiple sessions.
(Prices may vary depending on what package best suits your school).

Please get in contact to discuss options.