'What an amazing place for children and adults. Teaching children valuable life lessons through forest play. Experienced teachers Julian and Claire were truly professional. My children would like to attend forest school full time. I highly recommend Stocks Wood and hope as many children as possible get to experience this magical place.'                                                                           

(Holiday Club Parent)

Friendly, enthusiastic,knowledgeable leaders in beautiful, well-resourced woodland venue! My Reception class had a fantastic time today!

(J. Cartwright - Teacher, Wigton Infants)

Had a great trip today with our Reception class. The children had lots of fun learning and exploring. They experienced so much in one day. Lots of opportunities to try skills I wouldn’t think to let young children try but all done safely. The staff were soo good with they children. A big thank you Julian and Claire.

(Richmond Hill School)

Awesome spot run by lovely, caring and patient people. I was impressed with the flexible structure of the day that allowed my daughter freedom but with plenty to do.                                                                                          (Holiday Club Parent)

Had an fantastic time. This place is amazing, highly recommend it to everyone.

(M. Sefton - Saturday Family Session Parent)

Such an incredible place! Thank you so much for giving my son the best birthday party, everyone loved their morning at forest school. Can’t wait to come back. You were both amazing with the children, so caring and friendly. Thank you

(S. Whitaker - Birthday Party Parent)

Fabulous place. The staff are amazing, so friendly and caring. The activities and fun and so well organised. William can’t wait to come back in the summer holidays.

(K. Whalen - Holiday Club Parent)

'What a gem of a place, Elijah and me went to the open day today.
Julian and Claire were wonderful hosts.
Endless enthusiasm and so open and friendly. Cannot recommend this place highly enough, and they've just got started!
Get your kids there and even learn a little yourselves!'                           


'Both of our children have loved forest school, it is a great antidote to the indoor classroom and privileges different kinds of intelligence and learning that are often under valued in traditional education but that we find are highly valuable to our children. The children get to concentrate in a non-pressured way, moving around and using all of themselves: heart, head and hand simultaneously.  This really suits some learners, and is also very good for kids who might be under confident or avoidant of the outdoors and of physical learning.  The social aspect alongside the respect of nature all adds to the child's emotional and ethical development, subtly encouraging their growth as responsible human beings.'  


'At forest school I love bug hunting and having stories in the hut. I feel excited and happy even when it rains. My favourite thing to do is putting on a blind fold and being guided round the wood by my friends. It really made us laugh.'

(Year Three girl)

'Julian has a great response from the kids who are eager to learn from him and become independent with tasks. As a Parent Helper I have witnessed the children growing in confidence and competence in their surroundings whilst having fun. The kids are open to use their imaginations for practicality and play - you can see the spark of creativity when invited to make a den, swing or bug hotel. It's almost as if they have become free woodland sprites whilst respecting the abundant nature around them' (Parent helper)

'It is so good, there is a rope ladder and a hammock that we can use and a mud kitchen! We get to do lots of activities and play lots of games like Green man and 123 Where are you?
On the last day we get toasted marshmallows and hot chocolate ..... yummy.'

(Year Two girl)

'It is wonderful hearing my daughter tell me about playing in mud, making knots, using tools and her safety knowledge of the environment around her especially when it was during her school day! How lucky the children are to experience learning in such a varied way. Mr Earle's enthusiasm for the outdoors has the children engaged from the very beginning and leaves them excited for their next session. We feel incredibly saddened that such a great teacher will be leaving our school.'

(School Parent)

'As a parent helper I have found forest schools an enriching experience, which enables the children to all be equal, in an environment that encourages them to find out about themselves.'

(Parent Helper)

'It's like playtime in a forest, but your learning at the same time.'

(Year Four girl)

(Year One Girl)

(Year One Girl)