May Half Term 2018 Holiday Club Blog & Photos

Tuesday kicked off our animal themed week with an equal amount of returnees and new-comers. A game of Green Man got everyone moving around the woodland with great stealth. After a few other fun games like 'spiders and flies' we had a hot chocolate and squash break whilst listening to a story about Arachne the Spinner. Before lunch some of the children made clay models whilst others wove their own spider webs or explored the woodland. We all came together to learn how to make fire using flint & steels as well as lighting our camp fire. After lunch, during Flow-time, the children pond-dipped, made dinosaur biscuits, chilled in hammocks, played in the mud kitchen, made dens and kept themselves busy and happy. Their biscuits were enjoyed before they said thank you to the woodland and went home.

Wednesday's visitors played ‘Chop Change’ to get to know one-another’s names and enjoyed other woodland games that got them exploring the site. They enjoyed hot chocolate whilst listening to the hilarious story called ‘The Mole who knew it was none of his business’. In Flowtime they made clay models, wove spider’s webs, and wove woodland cookies. Others had a Bake-Off in the Mud Kitchen or explored the site more. Before lunch they learnt about making fire using a flint & steel. After a campfire lunch the children enjoyed more flowtime: building dens, bug hunting and pond-dipping to name but a few of the activities as well as cooking yummy dropped scones. After an amusing animal game involving them moving through the woodland making various animal noises and a little more Flowtime it was time to tidy up and say goodbye to the woodland.

On Thursday we had lots of return visitors as well as a couple of new-comers who were welcomed to the woods. There was amazing hiding in Green Man and Spider's & Flies showed how agile the children were. The story of ‘The Mole who knew it was none of his business’ was enjoyed today as much as by yesterday's children. After hot chocolate lots of the children went treasure hunting or web weaving. Some of the boys found some great sticks to help them in their role play games, exploring the woodland throughout the day. Dens were built and interesting recipes followed in the mud kitchen. After a little fire lighting it was time for lunch. During the afternoon jam sandwiches were turned into camp-fire donuts and the children enjoyed more opportunities to choose their own activities, including pond-dipping and whittling among others. Finally the fire was extinguished with a thank you to the woodland for another great day.