February Half Term 2018 Holiday Club Photos & Blog

The week began with some new visitors to Stocks Wood. Before long they had navigated their way around the woodland and enjoyed a range of activities including fire lighting, whittling sticks, making fairy houses, going on a nature walk and pond dipping.

On Tuesday we were full with many of the children having been to Stocks Wood before. It certainly was a cold one with the Cumbrian weather throwing snow, hail, rain and sunshine at us. More layers were added and the fire and hot chocolate helped to warm bodies and spirits. Sticks were whittled with peelers and knives, loppers were used to chop sticks, dens were completed, others pond dipped or made marvellous concoctions in the mud kitchen and delicious dropped scones were made, cooked and eaten with jam or syrup - yummy! We finished off the afternoon with a game of 'centipede shuffle' and a fire ceremony.

On Wednesday we braved some bitterly cold winds in the morning and continued to have fun in the woodland with hide and seek games, learning about the fire triangle and making fire, toasting marshmallows, whittling and lopping sticks, made tree decorations, cooking up creative mud kitchen recipes and sliding down mud mountain. A game of Bat/Moth provided much laughter and we continued using the blindfolds to play a trust game and have a nature sense walk.


We had three new children join a full session on Thursday. Within no time everyone was enjoying themselves getting muddy and choosing activities that they were interested in. The children learnt about the importance of managing any risks that they took - a very important part of Forest School, with the Forest School Leaders providing direction and support. Before lunch they played games, used a range of tools, square lashed photo frames and pond dipped. After a packed lunch around the camp fire they made and ate s'mores, played Bat/Moth and enjoyed more 'flow time', with some making shelters whilst others whittled a pencil, played in the mud kitchen or chilled out in a favourite spot in the spring sunshine. A fun day with lots of happy children enjoying being outside. A fitting end to our holiday club week. We look forward to seeing you all soon.