Easter Holiday Club 2018 Blog & Photos

What a great start to our Easter holiday club! The children got busy searching the woodland for our hidden Easter chicks - navigating using a map of the site. Fun games were played, relationships built with trust games and sharing and cooperation in tasks such as den building. Tools were used safely such as peelers, loppers and knives for whittling. Clay models were constructed and fire created using a flint and steel. The mud kitchen was a hive of activity and many other exciting activites kept the children busy and smiling all day long. Although we had a heavy downpour at one point, the sun even came out to warm us up.


The sun joined the children today for more fun in the woods. As well as some new visitors to Stocks Wood we welcomed many who had been before. Within no time they we exploring the woods, playing games and getting to know one-another. As well as whittling and making fire, a bow and arrow was made, square lashing used to make photo frames and some very attractive meals cooked in our mud kitchen. In the afternoon bread dampers were cooked over the fire, dens were made, and time was spent chilling out in hammocks, climbing trees, pond dipping and bug hunting. 

The rain couldn't stop today's children having fun in the woods. In fact, it made Mud Mountain even more fun! As well as our games, whittling and making fire, the children made some marvellous clay models, cooked a loaf of bread in the dutch oven and developed trust whilst being led around the woodland blindfolded.

We had lots of new visitors to Stocks Wood today. A few regulars helped to 'show them the ropes' and they were all exploring the woodland in no time at all. After whittling with our peelers, some children progressed to using a knife after learning its tool talk and being taught how to control it. A squirrel bridge challenge was accepted and great thought was put into how to construct it. Popcorn was made in the dutch oven and the children made their own recipes in the Mud Kitchen. Mud Mountain was open for business in the afternoon and proved to be great fun - trying to get up it as well as sliding down.

Lots of 'first-timers' joined us in Stocks Wood today. After playing Green Man and learning how to whittle and make fire they searched for our missing Easter chicks using our site map, made a super lean-to den and cooked dropped scones - yummy!

On our final day we were full with lots of excited children (and a few excited adults too!). They had great fun in the woodland and in the afternoon, when Mud Mountain was open, got thoroughly muddy. Thank goodness for wellies and waterproofs!

(Photos to follow)