Christmas Holiday Club 2017 Blog & Photos

The boys had a great time playing '1,2,3 where are you?', finding pine cones nibbled by squirrels, lighting a fire and toasting marshmallows, making cowboy soup and mud chocolate in the new Mud Kitchen, creating gates using loppers and string, pond-dipping and more. Phew! What a busy afternoon.


This afternoon began with a request for '1,2,3 where are you?' which was followed by a pine cone catching game so we could remember each-other's names. The Peeler Tool Talk was introduced so the children could learn to whittle sticks safely. You can see the concentration on their serious faces! In flow-time some children carried on whittling for a while, whilst others made muddy concoctions in the Mud Kitchen. A super tee-pee was constructed with mud glue and moss for insulation. Sticks were lopped. Pond dipping had the children more interested in fishing for ice than pond critters! Finally the children (and their parents) enjoyed toasting some marshmallows. A wonderful afternoon.


Today we enjoyed sharing Stocks Wood with 12 boys. As you can see from the photos, they weren't worried about getting muddy - thank goodness for a change of clothes, a fire and hot chocolate to warm themselves up with! In the morning they explored the woodland boundaries, made friendship bracelets, played '1,2,3, where are you?' and enjoyed flow time (free time). Before lunch they read tool talks and learnt to whittle with a peeler and some learnt to use the loppers safely. After some hot chocolate and a packed lunch they enjoyed more flow time or helped make camp-fire donuts. Later on they developed the use of their senses, playing 'Bat/Moth' and showed great trust when being led around blindfolded by their partner. To finish off the afternoon they made mini fires with our Dragon's Breaths. Tired, muddy children left the woodland with lots of fun memories.


This morning we had nine children visit Stocks Wood - two returning from earlier in the week! After exploring the boundary fences - finding the feathery remains of a fox's dinner -  and tackling Mud Mountain, the children walked down Fairy Lane and found woolly presents from the woodland fairies. With some teamwork and a little woodland magic they were transformed into friendship bracelets. Raindrops were caught from branches they were suspending from and beautiful spider's webs were marveled at... they looked like the spiders had laid out hanging Christmas decorations. '1,2,3 where are you?' was played so the children could move through the woodland independently. Most of the children then learnt how to safely peel bark off wood whilst one learnt to use loppers, becoming very capable. Hot chocolate warmed tummies. Then after some very enjoyable flow time where mud recipes were made, hammocks relaxed in, trees climbed and pond-dipped, the children came back to the fire circle to learn how to make fire using a flint and steel. The session ended with the children sharing what they had particularly enjoyed, and why.


This afternoon three children stayed for more woodland fun with a Dad (or was it Santa?) coming to join in too. They made a camp fire to cook on, played 'Bat/Moth', developing the use of their senses, cooked campfire donuts, played in the mud kitchen and used loppers carefully. It was great to see a six year old being coached in using a knife to whittle wood after showing great skill at using a peeler - a Stocks Wood first! The afternoon ended with a fire putting-out ceremony. What a great end to a super week. We look forward to seeing more of you all in the New Year.